Relak lah! Singaporeans (and Malaysians) will be familiar with this Singlish phrase, which means “Relax, don’t be so stressed up!”.

I started Relak Investor because I firmly believe that investing should be simpler and less stressful. Most people are confused about investing. To benefit from stock market returns, some think one needs to be skillful at reading charts to trade profitably. Others think one needs to be an expert at analyzing financial statements of companies to pick undervalued ones. These couldn’t be further from the truth.

Relak Investor strives to provide objective investing guides for Singapore investors, focusing on in-depth reviews and comparisons of investment options for retail investors. I will also cover topics I am personally interested in, such as behavioral finance, portfolio construction, retirement planning and achieving financial independence.

Relak Investor’s investment philosophy:
  1. Equities deliver positive long-term real returns
  2. Bonds bring stability and is ideal for capital preservation to help you sleep better at night
  3. Investment costs compound over time and is one of the few things investors can control, so reduce them to a minimum
  4. Diversification is the only free lunch. Effective diversification is essential for maximizing return within agreed parameters of risk.

I spent more than 15 years of my career in the financial markets focusing on commodities and FX derivatives trading. Having seen both the wisdom and irrationality of the markets up close, I hope that my views and analyses will be insightful. As I am currently working at a financial institution, I prefer to remain anonymous for now.

Thank you for visiting. I wish you can have a successful investment journey and “relak” on the beach in early retirement. You can reach out to me here, and please share my site with your family and friends if you find it helpful!


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